Fundle Press Kit

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In a Nutshell

About Fundle

Fundle is a company focusing on technology advocating for sustainability. A small team of designers,  developers, and business people firmly believe that civil work is vital and benefits society and our environment. Fundle curates a global Charity Repository to showcase as many great organizations as possible. Fundle also publishes Weekly Charity Bundles, thematic collections of organizations to resolve specific social and environmental issues. Fundle currently develops tools to help businesses that lack the resources get started with ESG strategy for a more sustainable economy.


Assets for Media

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Fundle as a Company

Fundle is a tech startup, an editorial, and a partnership of tech enthusiasts and creatives. Fundle currently operates from Budapest, Hungary, with affiliates from the UK and Netherlands. Fundle, Inc. is a proud Stripe Atlas company registered in Delaware, USA. 

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